ain’t got time to make no apologies

April 7, 2006

yeah, these past days have been aggervating.

The night I went biking int he snow, my brakes started acting up again. Making lots of noise on each wheel rotation.

Next day I woke up to a beautiful day. Got bike out, it was real broken. Turned it around to discover both of my brakes were rubbing heavily on each rotation. because of this, I chose not to ride it.

Today comes along, another beautiful day. I still can’t ride it. Dad works on it later that night. Says he’s going to be taking it to the bike shop tomorrow. May take up to a week for it to get fixed.

Weather channel says it’s going to rain, and possibly snow today.

I still have to get out to the bank to get my $100 out. Maybe I’ll take dad’s bike up there next monday.

I wonder how much it would cost to replace the brake system on the bike.

Yeah, that’s all. Laterios people.


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