April 4, 2006

it was a wacky day.

Woke up to see that the weather outside was awful. Rainy, Windy, etc.

So, I hung around here until about 7pm when mom went to go get dad whose car got really messed up.

I started biking, and about a mile in i looked down to see that my bike computer wasn’t working. So, I punched it, fucked around with the censor on my wheel, but it didn’t work. Then I reattached it to my bike, and it started working again.

The rest of the ride was anger inducing. Wind gusts ranging from 12 to 24mph made everything very difficult. After praying to god to stop with the wind, and nothing happening, I decided that this is just the work of earth, and there’s nothing I can do to change it.

I continued on, trying to not yell at earth. I managed to control my anger. Everything was very difficult, but I managed to keep an average speed of 9 – 13mph

I finally got to turn around, and go back down the route I usually take, and that trip was very quick. Everything was dark, and I almost crashed while going down the biggest hill in oxford. However, I managed to stay on my feet, and the second half of the trip was much faster as a result of the wind pushing me forward.

On the way back through the neighborhood I saw a guy I used to know who goes by the name of matt zimmerman. During our last meetings about 5 years ago, he threatened to kill me, and my family if I didn’t give him some money, after he accused me of stealing his cell phone, after telling me that if I didn’t tell him I stole it, he and his other wigger friends would beat me up. I only caught a glimpse of him, and heard someone behind him yelling “matt”. As soon as I saw him, I started hauling ass. As I rounded a corner, I saw some of his friends driving in towards his house. So, I speed up even more, and I managed to make it home without being murdered.

When I got home, I recieved news that my dad’s car had fallen on his foot while he was at home working on fixing it. Thankfully, he was wearing this really thick boot, so the injury wasn’t too bad.

Tonight I finished up the new design for . It’s lookin’ alright. I still have to make the database backend, and rss features. Everything’s lookin’ pretty great though.

That’s all I have for you people. Have a nice day.


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