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April 3, 2006

yeah, i know.

Biked tonight. 10 whole miles. While on the trip I did the following:

  • fought wind
  • yelled at god for making excercise so difficult by throwing wind and rain at me
  • got hungry
  • regretted going out when it was about to rain
  • continued being hungry
  • Thought about whether god was at fault, and proceeded to yell at mother nature

I would have liked to do 15 miles, but i was really tired, cold, and angry.

My plan for this week is to do two 10 mile trips per day. It will be challenging.

UPS man is going to deliver my blinkin reflectors this week. Should help with the night time riding i’ll have to do.

The weather is supposed to be really bad this week. I should reconsider whether or not this is the appropriate week for 100 miles.

Neh, I have to. If I can do 100 miles this week, I could easily do them during a week when the weather was flawless.

And that’s the story.


One Response to “8qhjsdf;iuojkl3m, rfevs ijokml, frvs”

  1. Tony Bucher Says:

    Thats why i’m paranoid about being under heavy weights that are suspended.
    Next time your dad works on the car, tell him to stick a steel tire rim under the tire and let the weight of the car rest on it.
    Guaranteed that it won’t fall off. Not even in an eartquake.

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