March 31, 2006

Slightly less angry today. It was extremely windy, 15mph from the south, and southwest. A quarter of the trip was really aggervating because of the wind, but the rest of the trip went just fine.

The plan going out was to just do 10 miles. So, I went out, and did the first half of my usual 10 mile route. Through oxford lakes, town, and golf course / highschool. As I was getting back on the bike at the highschool, I decided I didn’t want to deal with all the wind that would be blowing towards me. So, I decided I could do a longer trip, just to avoid the wind.

So, I started down my usual route from last summer. Down ray and oxford roads. When I first started, the plan was backfiring. A lot of the dirt and sand was blowing at my face, and some of it got past my sunglasses, and into my eyes. In addition to that, there are a lot of fucking idiot rednecks who believe that because they are on a dirt road in a truck, that they must reenact the commercials for their vehicles, and speed. That resulted in me having to pull off the road several times, and even more dust, and dirt got on me.

So, I turned onto oxford road and rode that for a while. It was starting to get gloomy outside, but I was happy to be traveling with the wind, instead of against it. Then I turned south down a few unknown roads and rode up some hills, and saw a biker who gave me a wave. Then as I left those roads I got onto the pollyann trail.

As I got on the pollyann trail I felt a drop of rain hit my nose. So, I speed home, and made it in before it started pouring.

Did about 16 miles today. Odometer is in the mid-80s.

Unless I get hit by a car some time before June 20th, I shouldn’t have any trouble hitting my 400 mile goal.

I would like to pick up a new goal for the summer. 100 Miles per week seems very possible. 15 miles per day would give me 105 miles. If I did 14.2 miles per day, I could get 100 solid miles. I’ll check the forcast for this week later on, and see if I can put a trial run for this plan into effect for next week.

As I got home from the trip I recieved some wonderful news. My book finally came in the mail. Huzzah! I’ll learn to rock out some time soon.

That’s all i have for you people. Lateriosen.


2 Responses to “yeah”

  1. Aussie Bob Says:

    Buy an excercise bike and excercise while you watch Oprah. ;p

  2. Thomas Says:

    I’ve got an excerise bike in my room which is unused by me because when ever i get on it i’m tired within about 10 seconds. Not because i’m unfit (primarly anyway) but because it’s soo boring, even when watching TV.

    The out doors is more fun, even with mother nature being a bitch.

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