angry day

March 30, 2006

So, I woke up and saw that it was beautiful day outside. I decided I needed to go up to the bank to get $60 out, so I put on my sunglasses, hat, and jacket, and left.

The ride there was frustrating because fo the wind. 10 miles per hour from the south. I had to travel south to get to the bank.

I managed to get there. It was very hard because of trouble with my disc brakes.

So, i got my money in all $5 bills, and left.

Then on the way back home my new, and favorite pants got caught in my top front crank, and that resulted in a very large tare being made along the seam of my leg. It also got caught several more times on the trip.

Then I shifted into my top gear to prevent it from being able to rip, and my bike started squeeking every time I made a peddal rotation. Then wind kicked in from the north, and I just lost it. I started screaming at the sky because of the wind, and I punched my bike a few times for constantly malfunctioning. Then as I was riding down the road traffic was approaching from both sides of the road, So, I had to slow down the lane that was driving north. One car pulled up behind me and drove along while I waited for the other lane to clear up. Just as two cars were left in the oncoming lane, the guy behind me honks. That also set me off. So, I switched into the oncoming traffic lane, and just started screaming vulgarities at this guy. He was driving a tan toyota, looked new, so he had to be well off. I just let loose on this guy, If i remember correctly, i screamed “you stuck up cunt, where the fuck was I supposed to turn to?”. He had his windows rolled up, but I’m sure he could tell by my facial expressions that I was pissed off. He didn’t stop, unfortunantly.

As I came back home dad was sitting on the porch. I rode right onto the lawn and told him to fix it. He had been putting it off for weeks, and I had had it.

He looked at my bike, and could tell the rear disc brake was really warped. So, he broke out some sort of tool, and straightened it out. After that, he checked my top gear, and found that the derailer was rubbing on it. So, he fixed that.

We’ll see how things work out tomorrow.

I took the parents out to chinese. That cost me $35.

I’m probably going to get my hair shaved off tomorrow.

that’s it.


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