fine day

March 29, 2006

It was a good day. sunny, and the temperature was up around 60 degrees.

Rode 10 mile loop, the usual one. Stopped by the music shop to ask them to get a dvd for next week. Dwarves – Fuck up up and get live will be there next tuesday, i can get it for only $15, rockin.

I watched the last hour of donnie darko on bravo last night around 5am. That was a good movie. I hope to see the whole thing some time soon. says it will be on at 2am tonight. I’ll make sure to catch it.

Later this night I rode another 5 miles to the top of oxford and back. I took my camera along. Here’s a couple photos from the very top of oxford:


Nothing exciting. I hope to get some more dynamic photos this summer when i get my new camera, and the beach will be open.

So, it was a 15 mile day. A little windy, but i survived. I saw many different bikers out there on the raod. Good to see i’m not alone out there.

and that’s all i have for you.


4 Responses to “fine day”

  1. Randy Tellez Says:

    I thought you were trying to grow a mustache/beard? Why cut it off? SHOW SOME PICS!

  2. mikey Says:

    i shaved that thing many months ago.

  3. Tony Bucher Says:

    Man, i’d have probably backslapped you for the “fix it” comment.
    But you took ’em all out to dinner.
    I’d like to see how your dad was able to straighten a rotor.
    I know they’re thin as hell but to restore it to true again…
    Short of an elephant standing on 2 hot insulated flat surfaces with the rotor inbetween.

  4. mikey Says:

    The thing was warped pretty bad. So, he got out a adjusting wrench thing, and just rotated it whilst tweening in and tweening out the bent area.

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