tonight’s trip

March 28, 2006

Leaving, I looked at my odometer, 38.0 it read. I decided I could get my odometer to read 50 miles before i stopped.

So, I rode back around the old high school. Some teenage kids said “hey”, i gave them my trademark wave, and continued on my way. This is the second time a group of teenagers said something to me. Yesterday some kids said hey while i was riding through town.

Since I started biking, I’ve started seeing more and more people riding bikes around oxford and orion. Perhaps I’m some sort of inspiration to them. Maybe it’s just the weather that made them get back on their bikes. It’s still cool to see people out there, biking around.

So, I rode through oxford lakes, down glaspie, down m24, all the way down to downtown orion. Then I hung out there for a little while, and got back on the bike to travel back to oxford. I wasn’t getting the mileage that I was hoping for, so once i was about to head back into oxford lakes, I decided I could travel through town, and take the pollyann trail back down lakeville road home.

So, I did that, and I suddenly got very very cold, and then my stomach started rumbling because I hadn’t ate much today.

After riding the pollyann rail for half a trip, I cut through into the secondary enterance for oxford lakes, and rode around it until i reached the gate for the old high school, so then I just cut through there, and took the neighborhood route back home.

50 miles are on my odometer. average speed was about 10mph because i was so cold and tired.

getting home, dad’s not here. He went out to addison oaks to fix up the trail. I’m going to have to go out there some time soon to ride the ashphalt trail. I’m not a fan of gravel trails anymore.

My front brake was rubbing heavily on the second oxford lakes leg of the trip. It’s getting to be a pain.

and that’s all.


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