I got lost today

March 28, 2006

While dreaming, i had the faint image of someone saying “so you’re going to go out and bike now?” . Just moments later, I woke up, ready to go. So, I got ready, and then went on the internet to see what happend overnight.

Then dad came home, hurt. He sat down. I gave him the computer to mess around with while I was gone. Then I put on my sunglasses, and jacket, and left.

My first intention was to ride as far west as I could. Many years ago I did a extremely long trip west on foot, and it resulted in me nearly passing out on the side of the road from exhaustion. I was interested in seeing how long I could go on my bike. So, I started north.

Then I remembered I wanted to check the library for bass guitar books since my book has yet to arrive. So, I went there to see what they had.

Nothing. Other libraries around michigan have books, but not oxford. Oxford’s library has never had anything that I need. Hell, the closest thing to a book that would be useful to me in their catalog is office 97 for dummies.

As I was leaving that useless waste of god damn tax payer money, I saw a paved trail that was leading into the woods. Intrigued, I traveled down the trail, soon to see that I was in the powell lake township park. So, I continued through this trail, passing by random people who were also enjoying the park.

After about 5 minutes of riding, I was outside of the park on a new trail, which was also paved. I rode north for a while until reaching a main road. It turns out I was on a new section of the pollyann trail that was also paved. I decided I would turn around, an travel south to see other parts of the trail I had never traveled before.

So, I rode south, and it was nice. A little chilly (no coat or gloves), but I managed. The paved section of the trail went for a while, but it eventually ran out, and I was stuck having to ride a rough gravel terrain. I rode it at a steady rate of about 13mph, it was much more difficult to ride as a result of my front break still malfunctioning, but i managed to ride all the way to the end until the trail ran out. At the end of the trail, there was just a paved bike path that sent the biker further west. I looked around for a while trying to figure out where I was until I caught a sign that told me that I was on the indianwood section of the pollyann trail. I had heard of a town called indianwood, but it is extremely far away, and couldn’t possibly be where I was. So, I rode this paved bike path west, and entered into a subdivision that was about 500 feet off of the pollyann trail.

I rode the subdivision for a very long time. Probably about 4 miles. I still wasn’t sure where I was, but I rode through it, managing to stay clear of the cars that were all over the road (there wasn’t a sidewalk).

After riding for what must have been about 5 miles, I got out of there, and back onto the pollyann trail traveling north.

On the way back to oxford, I saw this guy that my mom knows. His name is woodstock, and he’s homeless by choice. He’s a crazy man who wears about 18 sweaters year-round, and uses a very old bicycle as a walker of sorts, and attached to the back of that bike are two bags which contains few hundred pop cans, bottles, and sweaters. I gave woodstock a knod, and he just gave me a little glance.

So, I continued back home. The ride was just as difficult as it was the first time around. The paved section was lovely. On the way back into the powell lake township park I saw that the sign was broken. I hurried through, because I believed someone would blame me if they saw me.

Exited out the same enterance as I entered through, took the same route back home. All was well. When I got home dad had left to go see the dentist. had some dinner, it was good.

Dad came home, I told him what happend, he told me I was in orion, in a very remote area. It’s easy to get lost out there, he told me. I will have to go out there some time soon, to continue down that paved bike path at the end of the pollyann trail.

Dad may be going to the bike shop tomorrow. He says he’ll bring my bike along to get it fixed.

Add 16 miles to the odometer, total is now 38.2 miles. Average speed was about 13mph. Checked weight, I’m down 3 pounds for a grand total of 247. Rockin’

That’s all i have for you kids today. Lateriosen.


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