the tv guide channel has lost sight of the dream

March 19, 2006

The problem with the TV guide channel is the annoying programming it shows when all it’s viewers want to do is see what is on tv.

Whenever there is an award show, they will stick that awful human being joan rivers on the channel, and they’ll drop the scroller down from 3 rows, to 2, with even smaller text telling all of us what is on.

Why can’t they just go back to giving us 5 rows of shows, with movie previews, etc. in the top?

Or go even further back, with a full screen scroll?

Does anybody actually look to the tv guide channel for entertainment?

If you do, I suggest you go climb a ladder to the top of your house, and jump.

I blame women for the crap they are playing on the tv guide channel. They are the only people who care about entertainment news.


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