March 18, 2006

you should watch these shows, because they aren’t very popular right now, and they are excellent shows.

It takes a Thief
5:00PM – Discovery Channel
Two ex-thieves host the show. On each episode, they’ll drive through a neighborhood, pick out a house, tell the home owners what they want to do. After the home owner agrees, the home owners, and one of the thieves walk into a van to watch cameras of the inside the house, while one of the robbers breaks into the house, breaks a lot of stuff, and takes a bunch of stuff. After that, he gives all their stuff back, and they do a security makeover.

Cash Cab
6:00PM – Discovery Channel
Random people get into a taxi cab, and discover they are on a gameshow. For the length of their trip, the driver asks them questions, and they win money for each question they answer. If they get 3 questions wrong, they are kicked out, and they lose all their money. If they make it to their destination, they have a choice to go double-or-nothing on a video bonus question, or walk away with the money they won answering questions.

Third Watch
A&E – 4:00AM (probably on at another time, but i don’t know when)
Cop show that’s actually interesting.

These shows are damn good, people. Watch them.


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