come on people now

March 16, 2006

i finally got freebsd running here on a second hard drive.

running fluxbox, with gaim, evolution, and firefox.. it took a very long time to get it all working.

i still have to figure out what’s wrong with my secondary music hard drive.

%mount -t ntfs /dev/ad3s1 /sec
mount_ntfs: /dev/ad3s1: Input/output error

I wonder what’s wrong with it…

nobody’s answered on #freebsd since i asked 80 seconds ago…

i still have to recompile the kernel for sound support, although i’m not sure if my sound card’s supported.

glad i can get online on it.. i had to update modem firmware to fix some wacky dhcp problem.

it’s gotten very cold outside.

that’s all i have for you.


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