my quest to rock out.

March 9, 2006

I got my guitar today.

yeah, it’s nice.

After i got it, I opened it up, and discovered it doesn’t sound too spectacular without an amplifier. I did have some great time strumming it along though.

So, tonight I got an advance on friday’s money, and bought these things:

$99.99 Amplifier: Peavey MAX 158 Bass Practice Combo
$11.99 Cable: Black 18 Foot Fender® ElectroVolt Cable
$12.99 Strap: Navy Yak Pak Skull Guitar Strap 2” Navy

I should be rocking out by monday afternoon, though I am hoping for friday.

i did work for matt aka chew. Fixed up his company’s website, and did some hackin’ around with his invision board installation. He says he’s going to pay me as soon as a client of his pays out some cash. I wonder how much he’ll give me.. I did a lot of work on the thing.

And that’s about it.


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