Tony Brummel vs. Mike Bailey

March 4, 2006

I got an email back from tony:

Fuck you.

Produce that asshole.

To which I reply:

Hello Tony,

I’m sure your friends at hot topic totally love it when you say stuff like that to complete strangers, but here on the internet, that’s child’s play. You would have to, at the very least, reference the rape of some member of my family in order to really shock me.

But really Tony, is that a good way to respond to criticism? You could have at the very least tried to stand up for some of your label’s artists. But, I guess it’s hard to do that when they are absolutely talentless.

I hope you have a worthwhile career producing music for the whiny teenagers of America.

Yours Truly,

Mike Bailey

We’ll see if he replies by morning 🙂


One Response to “Tony Brummel vs. Mike Bailey”

  1. Jon Says:

    That was sexay.

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