gnax developments

February 26, 2006

So, last night i was drunk, and while drunk i spoke with jeff from gnax. We talked about alcohol, and various types of rum.

Then came the topic of employment at gnax. jeff told me to send me my resume. my resume was not up to date, so i told him i would create it when i was sober. We agreed that this was the best idea.

Then i fell asleep at like 4am

Then i woke back up at 10am, dehydrated and headached.

So, i drank the rest of the milk, and the sierra mist.

Then i sat down, looked at what happend during my drinking.

Then i made my resume up, you can view it here.

Then i emailed it to jeff.

Then i did a bunch of boring internet things that don’t relate to this story.

Then jeff replied saying it looked good, and he was wondering if I would be able to make it down there for an interview.

I replied saying I don’t have money for a bus or a plane ticket.

he replied saying he would pay me to come down there.

I replied saying that I would talk it over with the family, and would have to go out to pontiac to get a greyhound ticket.

Then he replied saying he could fly me out.

Then i looked around for an airport, but wasn’t able to find one that’s this close.

So, then i searched some more, and found the closest one is out in detroit.

So, then i looked at dad a chair away and said “I have a job opportunity”.

He said “that’s good”

I say “Kind of, it’s in atlanta.”

He said “ohhh…” (he was tired, just woke up from a nap)

(20 minute pause)

I say “Well, how am i going to get to atlanta?”

dad says “you could take a bus” (this was before i got the email about the plane)

I say “alright… ya know mom isn’t going to like this…”

dad: (nods head)

So, I’m going to talk with jeff and organize all of this. I know this is probably going to result in me getting kicked out of the house, beause mom is going to panic, and think i’m going to get scammed out of millions of dollars because this was organized on the internets.

I’m hoping i’ll get the job, this way i can just move down there, and out of here. I’ve looked at some of the sights around town via google earth, and it looks very nice. There’s also a plaza about a mile away from the DC where rent is $450. So, I could probably live there with JP if he gets hired as well.

So, that’s all there is. Laterios, People.


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