February 25, 2006

So, it looks like god is trying to tell me something.

All of the sudden, a bunch of people I know got a bunch of high paying tech jobs.

Friend matt got a job down in washington DC working for some marketing company.

Friend/host JP got a job offer down in Atlanta, GA with GNAX.

Friends Andy, Terry, and others started telling me that I should apply for the job at GNAX.

So, I’m going to write up my resume, and apply. Then if I get the job, I’ll have to try and sell it to my parents.

I know the parents aren’t going to approve. They’re going to do the same thing they always do: assume that because it’s an internet company, I’m going to get scammed, and be forced to live on the mean streets of atlanta because these people aren’t going to pay me anything.

I spoke with Jeff, the owner of gnax. Here’s something I made for he when he posts on wht.

Things may work out alright if I play things right. We’ll see how things go.

Pay is 24K – 30K per year.


3 Responses to “work.”

  1. Go get ’em, Mikey!

  2. adb22791 Says:

    Oh man, your mom is so like my mom. Anybody on the internet is a scammer or a child molestor according to her :S

  3. aka Says:

    You know your resume’ is written backwards right? Most recent experience first, going backwards, down the page.

    Just a tip.

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