February 22, 2006

Hey Kids,

Rode bike today. Same loop, raised my bike seat for more efficient excercising. I need to get my clock back on this bike, and I need a water bottle cage so i can bring a water bottle around, so i don’t get so thirsty, so i can go further.

Today, I had fenixTX stuck in my head, and it adversely affected the excercise. “I, Waisted time, I, waisted time, I, Waisted time” over and over again, really doesn’t help with long term goal planning. I need to start listening to more hardcore punk music.

Thursday night, AMC has smokey and the bandit & the blues brothers back to back, Kick Ass.

I’ve been listening to a band called “hogan beach” a lot these past few days. I recommend you listen to them if you can find some of their music.

sunglasses are okay, i think they’re a little too small for my head, hopefully they don’t break.

Bought a copy of trillian pro, because it’s worth it.

Made this wacky myspace profile. Thanks goes out to yupapa for the smiley, i took it from his forum.

That’s all for now, it’s too late for typing.


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