Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology!

February 17, 2006

Hey folks,

Today i got woken up by mr. phone at 10:00AM. Sure enough, it was the same jerks that woke me up at 10:00am the last time with an automated phone call complaining about mike rogers. This time around, they were still complaining about mike rogers. I wasn’t awake enough to make out what they were saying, but i did catch “mike rogers” in the message.

I stumbled back to bed, and woke back up a couple hours later. At that time, i had some pizza, went to the computer to make sure things were smooth, folded some clothes, went out to shovel some snow, and got out my bike. As i was getting the bike out, dad came home, and told me that the bike path to town was clean. So, then i put on my coat, a hat, and some gloves to head out on a bike ride.

On the bike ride, i went down lakeville road, cut through to get into oxford lakes, road through there to get onto industrial road, then road down halfway, to cut through a large bank of snow to get to the oxford plaza. At the oxford plaza, i stopped by the bike shop to see what they had to sell. After looking at some things, i found a helmet that is big enough to fit my huge head. It costs $40, i have about $59 left. I can get a 10% discount if I join the MMBA, but my dad can get a better deal at kinetics, because of a special deal members of their cycling team get.

After hanging around there, i walked down to the computer store, and looked at some stuff. while there, i got on the internet, and wrote a post here on the blog! that was fun.

So, then i road back home. The new bike is nice. I shifted a bunch of times, and it’s really quick to the touch. i did have to ride through some big snow banks, but no damage was done.

Tomorrow, i’m going to make a trip out to meijer to buy some stuff. I gotta get some face wash… probably some other stuff. It should be a fun trip. I’m also due to take the family out to dinner for chinese.

I bought some sunglasses last night, here they are

for a while, i was confused as to what “NIB” means, Nib actually means “New In Box”, here’s some extra things that will help people who are searching for the meaning of “NIB”

What’s nib?
New In Box

What is NIB?
New In Box

What does NIB mean?
New In Box

What’s NIB Mean?
New In Box

Ebay NIB
New In Box

NIB meaning
New In Box

that’s all she wrote. Have a good night people.


2 Responses to “Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology!”

  1. adb22791 Says:

    Money would be cool.
    You were right about german rock too. I have to pickup one of these Rammstein cd’s.

  2. mikey Says:

    Rammstein isn’t as good as Die Toten Hosen. DTH kicks the ass of most rock bands I Have listened to, american bands included.

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