February 15, 2006

Last night, I went to bed earlier than usual because i was sick, and needed nyquil. Today, i’m feeling a little sick, so i drank some more nyquil. So, i’m just doing things here at the computer, and feeling more calm than usual. My eyes are kind of glazed in position here, and the slightest change in enviroment could snap me out it.

I’m getting my bike tomorrow. $913.00 is sitting in my wallet, burning a hole through my desk. I’m going to have to buy some new pedels for the new bike, because the ones that come with it are very small, and they don’t handle my feet too well. I’m hoping to go out on a ride, although the weather may put the nix on those plans.

The weather has been pretty nice these past couple days. Despite news headlines telling stories of winter weather reaking havoc the east coast, this part has been just fine. If i do get out on the bike, i’ll be stuck on the bike path. I don’t believe the pollyann trail will be in ridable condition, i’m hoping for the best though.

I’ve had my eye on this clock. It can be hooked up to the computer, and can measure heart beats, and all sorts of other stuff. With that price tag, i can’t pass that one up. I’ll probably be buying it some time in march.

I need to buy a lot of stuff. One thing being a helmet. I know i’m going to end up crashing hard some time this year, so it’s best to keep protected.

I’m a little weary of these pedels i’m going to have to buy. THey’re metal, and if my feet slide off the pedels, they’re going to strike my legs, and it will hurt very badly. The dad incists the old pedels are in very bad condition, but i don’t know.. Maybe these pedels will hold my feet on the pedels.

I would go for a pair of clipping pedels and shoes, but my those shoes don’t work too well with the shape of my foot.

That’s all for tonight, i think i’m going to go to bed in the next hour.


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