Fear of Snakes

February 10, 2006

For the longest time, I’ve had frightened out of my wits any time i encounter a snake. Whether it be slithering by on a trail, sitting in a glass case, or just doing it’s thing while being filmed on television.

The other night, I was sitting at dinner, and I thought back as far as I could to when I wasn’t afraid of snakes.

It was a sunday morning, I was only 8 years old, and me and the family had sat down to watch cartoons on nickelodeon. Well, the cartoons played through, and those were all good fun. Then, around 11:00am, a nature show came on. On this particular show, there was a segment where a man was going out in some place.. arizona i think, and looking for snakes under rocks.

On his first rock lift, there was nothing. He said to the camera “I was lucky that time, let’s do another one”. He then approached another rock, lifted it up, and low and behold, three colorful, hissing, pissed off snakes were found, and at the moment he lifted that rock, a glass shattering scream came flying out of my mouth.

It was a combination of focusing on the television too hard, how close i was sitting, and my mind’s interpretation of danger that sent me into shock. For what seemed like hours, was only seconds. I was stuck there, freaked out about what I had just seen. I managed to walk away from the incident, but for the rest of my life I have had an extreme fear of snakes.

One time in my late teens, I was walking around by myself, just looking for something to do. As i wandered up to a rock, it was my intention to find some spray paint cans that the seniors had left over. As I approached this huge rock, i didn’t see anything. But when i reached the rock, i looked over to the other side, and i saw a group, or single snake(s). At that very moment, I went into shock, but this time i knew i was in shock. My mouth opened and closed very quickly, and I just went running. I wasn’t always the best runner, but that was the fastest, and furthest I had ever ran in all my years as a teenager.

All these experiences have set me back very far. Snakes are the reason I don’t go biking at my dad’s biking trail. Snakes are the reason I avoid man types of wilderness, simply because i’m afraid one of them is going to jump out at me. Any time a snake pops up on a show like fear factor, survivor, wonder showzen, and every other show, I have to close my eyes, or turn the channel. I just can’t stand the sight, or thought of them.

So, that’s why i’m afraid of snakes.


One Response to “Fear of Snakes”

  1. Ray Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. The first time I saw a snake outside of the zoo was on a girl scout camping trip. The tents we stayed in were constructed by the camp, so they were really big holding about six or seven beds. The floors were wooden planks with about an inch of space or more between each. On this trip we did not use bed/cots we just used our sleeping bags on the wooden floor with plastic under the sleeping bag. The girl next to me tossed and turned all night, and the next day when were packing she pulled up her sleeping bag and a snake went down through the space in the floor. Ever since then I have been scared of snakes but recently my fear has grown. I don’t know why but it is getting to the point that I can’t even look at worms because they move in a smiliar manner.

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