Real Men

February 6, 2006

In recent months, I’ve seen a lot of real big pussies sitting up on their high horses, speaking of what a real man is, and more often than not, they are simply speaking for women, saying nothing but what the women want to hear.

These statements have come solely from men whose primary audience are women, specifically the overweight, and angry breed. These are the women who accept what the host is saying as the very minimum. However, reasonably decent women also pay attention to these guys, as the statements of these guys also appeal to them.

Who are the guys spreading these false ideas? The usual suspects: Dr. Phil, Daytime Court Judges, Maury Povitch, Montel Williams, some of those broads from the view, writers for, etc.

What do they think a real man is? Basically, someone who will sacarfice all of his personal preferences, and money for women. They’ll say real men don’t need porn, always pay on dates, will stay with his girlfriend even if she gets pregnant against his wishes, will marry his girlfriend if she gets pregnant, doesn’t need sex, etc. Pretty much anything a man can sacarfice to a women under any circumstances will define what a real man is according to these guys. They’ll also try to link some religious belief in with what a real man will do.

So what is a real man?

Someone with a penis, and facial hair that grows in by itself. It doesn’t matter how they’ll handle a situation, or what they’ll do for women. What those talkshow hosts believe is a real man, is only a chivalrous man. A chivalrous man is no more, or no less of a man than the non-chivalrous men.

Unless the chivalrous man chops off his penis, then he’s probably less of a man.

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