growing up

February 1, 2006

I don’t have many memories from age 0.01 – 8. I don’t think i learned how to think until i turned 5. However, I have been reminded of some things I did, by my parents.

When i was 3 or 4, my mom left to go to the doctor’s office, and the dad had to do yard work. She told him to watch me, so he sat me outside where i was in visibility for the duration of his work.

Well, aparently I got up to say hello to our neighbors without my dad ever noticing. I managed to make it all the way down to the end of the street without them noticing. When, my mom got home, she asked my dad where I was, and he realized he lost me. So, they went running around the neighborhood looking for me, but found me about 5 minutes into searching.

I grew up with a group of 3 people, all older than me by a few years. Michael, he was a bigger guy, found many things funny. Lee, the cool guy who had a problem lying, and Justin, the guy who moved in across the street from me. We all lived on the same street, Lee behind me, justin in front of me, and michael down the street. There were a few acquantences of theirs that i had to hang out with. Steve, a very big guy, and another guy who had the last name Powers. I didn’t get along with them for reasons I don’t remember.

I once got in a fight with the kid who had the last name powers, because he trapped me in his room where he had a snake. So, i kicked out his window cover, and jumped out. Well, he didn’t take kindly to me kicking it out, so he smacked me in the face, then i punched him in the sack, and ran back home.

I never got in a fight with steve. He was really big.

There was a guy named Martin who lived a few streets away. I hung out with him for a little while playing nintendo games. Martin was a poor kid, and unfortunantely he had to leave because his family couldn’t pay the rent.

There was a guy named Bobby who was friends with michael and justin, but lee didn’t like him. Bobby was into rap music, and basketball. We didn’t get along for a while, but we eventually became friends.

There was a girl I knew. Her name was April. She was a few years older than me, and was sometimes bitchy, but other times cool. One time when I was 12, and she was about 14, she offered to show me her boobs in exchange for this hat that I had recently obtained. A few weeks prior to this event, I had turned on HBO to watch this “real sex” show, and had seen a pair of breasts that I did not find attractive. Being a stupid little kid, I believed all boobs would look like this, so I declined.

There were a couple other popular kids named brad and chad. They were twins, and got much girls. They moved in some time when i was becoming a teenager.


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  1. adb22791 Says:

    hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha! Thats great.

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