January 22, 2006

hey people,

I am feeling very tired. I Haven’t gotten a full nights rest all week, and it’s finally catching up with me tonight.

My allergies usually kick in when I don’t get enough sleep. Tonight, i got really cold, and started sneezing uncontrolably. Then, I got really tired, and i was just feeling miserable. I took some sudafed, and that managed to make me less miserable.

A few days ago, i was woken up by an automated phone call from the michigan democrat something something telling me that some guy has screwed us. It made me regret registering as a democrat. I shouldn’t have given those guys my phone number.

I ordered the self titled album from a band called “Capital” tonight, after downloading it a couple nights ago. It’s pretty good music, and i’m glad to support the band.

I’m supposed to go to the gym tomorrow afternoon. I’m considering heading off to bed right now, so i’m well rested tomorrow.

I’m feeling hungry right now.. Perhaps lack of blood sugar is the reason i’m so tired.

There’s a new show on A&E.. i forget what it calls, but it’s an original show they’re making. It’s pretty boring, don’t watch it.

Well that’s about it. laterios people.


2 Responses to “hoy.”

  1. What did the previous one look like?

    >>> Perhaps you could pick out a theme you do enjoy, for me?

    Nah. Ya just gotta use what you like.

  2. mikey Says:

    The old one was blue. remember?

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