well then…

January 12, 2006

My green lava lamp has been on for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

Haven’t turned it off once.

I would expect the surface of the lamp to be very hot, since everything else seems to hold that effect, but the lava lamp is comfortably hot. Granted, I couldn’t hold my hand on it for longer than 30 seconds, but i’m not in pain just touching it once.

When I first got it, about 5 years ago, it would give me headaches. I could be in a completely different room, but if the thing was on, i would quickly get a headache. If i tried sleeping with it on, I would feel completely awful the next day. Perhaps something else was the source of that stress. I don’t really know. I did have a big problem with migrains as a kid though.

Migrains.. That was an interesting problem. It happend from grades 4, all the way up until 10th grade. In 6th grade, I would get sick almost every day, and with that headache would come vomiting, and just the worse head pains you can imagine.

One time, I walked down to the office, calling home. Well, the regular secretary asked me to just go back to class, because I had called home so many times before that, and she thought i was just faking it. It couldn’t be more than 15 seconds later, that I immediately vomited, and just dived for the trash can they had there in the office.

I didn’t have go to back to class. But, it wasn’t my last incident with that secretary.

Well, she was eventually transferred from what was then known as oxford intermediate school, over to the high school. I was in the 10th, or 11th grade when I was walking to school on some extremely slick streets, and I fell down maybe 6 times on the way there. I had always fallen street down on my knees. Well, by the end of the trip i was in some pretty serious pain. Specifically in my right knee. Well, it was after 2nd hour that I walked down to the office because my knee was still hurting. There in the office, I asked the secretary if I could call home, because i was in such pain. She told me to go back to class, and I had called home enough times that year.

Well, I went back to class, and right after 3rd hour I went back down there because i was still hurting. There, that same secretary told me to just go back to class. I was in some pretty serious pain there, so I just told her “listen, I’m in some pretty serious pain here. I’m going to call my home right now, and I don’t care what you have to say.”. At that point, about to start crying the pain was so bad, I just picked up the phone, dialed 7 to reach the outside line, and dialed my mom who was at work. She went on to berate me, not believing I was in such serious pain. Well, she came out to my school from work, and told me all kinds of stuff “you better not switch legs”, “There better be something wrong with you”.

At the doctor’s office, it was determined that I had water on the knee. Xrays were taken, and nothing showed up. I felt pretty jipped, but water on the knee is known to cause some pretty intense pain.

Enough of those stories.

Today, I’ve gotta do laundry, and make a trip up to the new rite-aid to purchase a pre-paid credit card so I can buy some stuff from people who don’t accept paypal. While in town, I may also catch some lunch. I’m considering a stop into the oxford tap for their burger, fries, and pint lunch special. I’ll let you know how those plans work out.

I orderd a 350gb hard drive last night. My headphones will be here on friday. These broken technics are very uncomfortable.

Also, all of you SWRists need to tell dennis to start blogging again. He’s killing the wht blogging spirit.

Congratulations go out to pizza master paul hirsch on getting married. Although I avoid commitment at all costs, that doesn’t mean I won’t be happy for someone who jumps into a commitment himself. Good luck pal, you’re gonna need it 🙂


2 Responses to “well then…”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    A migraine is caused by the dentist drill. Even though your nerves are numbed they still fire when your teeth are drilled. It isn’t the dentists fault as you have to have a patient who drills with no ENDO (numbing agent). I never have used ENDO so I can tell the dentist exactly what it is and I sent an e-mail to the Detroit School of Dentistry.

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    (comment lynched)

    A military or industry driven lynch mob uses a simple three phase lynching:
    #1- catostraphy
    #2- catalyst (injectable or pill)
    #3- catatonic

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