yeah yeah yeah…

January 6, 2006

So, i’m here again.

This has been a depressing couple of days. For all these days when the weather was almost perfect outside, I didn’t go out. Reasons; It was bound to start raining, and I just didn’t feel like it. Well, today i wanted to go outside, and surprise surprise, it started snowing again.

So, What have i been doing.. I bought a copy of xchat last night, because i’ve been using the software for a long time now, and I felt like supporting the creators of an application i use daily. It was only $20, so it wasn’t a big deal.

I ordered some new memory for my camera. 128MB of olympus brand memory, costs $73 god damn dollars.. Oivey, i regret ordering that.

I haven’t been eating much this week, and I guess that’s making me have to pee more than usual. Alright..

I’m still growing the beard here, and it’s not working too well. One side is much thicker than the other. I’m supposed to go to my nana’s retirement party this sunday, and I’m considering shaving it because i look so awful.

there’s a guy over at webhostingtalk named the dude, and today i noticed many of his posts include him blessing society… It’s strange business…. yeah.

Winter’s depressing…

I’m supposed to go up to the bike shop this weekend with the dad to look at bikes, and buy him some birthday gift. He told me shaving the beard would be an acceptable gift, but i would probably feel bad if i didn’t spend any money on him because mom’s birthday gift costs $80.

Typing in the cold is difficult. My fingers don’t have much feeling in them.. It could also be that i havent’ ate much today.. Or it could be that i didn’t get much sleep.

This morning, i woke up around 6:30am choking. I had only got about 1.5 hours of sleep, and it was a terrible experience. I got out of bed, and ended up staying awake until 11:00am until i went back to bed to sleep until 3:15pm .

The new howard stern replacement sucks, and is uninteresting. I’m gonna have to find a way to pirate stern, or some other talk radio from sirius, or xm.

The station renamed itself to “Free FM” along with a few other stations across the country a few months ago. They air all these commercials where they say “What does free mean to you?” with all these dumbfucks from around the station saying what makes free better. I feel like calling them up, and saying “To me, Free is an inferior product”.

I would be happy if they moved tom leykis to his regular time slot, and not 3:00am, but knowing the station lineup, and the obviously bad decisions the station’s program director has made already, I don’t see him sticking tom leykis back on at his regular time slot.

There’s bound to be somebody googling the station out there, so I might as well include the station’s address, and call letters. They are 97.1 and WKRK . They are owned by CBS, and Infinity Radio.

So that’s it. later people.


One Response to “yeah yeah yeah…”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    You have a lot of toys. My art studio was lynched which puts me at a loss. I’m not a big radio listener but I got a Social Distortion tape stuck in the car tape player so I’m stuck with the radio.

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