what’s happening

January 2, 2006

So, Last friday we went to grandpa’s funeral. The service was fairly short, and it gave me something to think about. The sinful things i’ve done with my time, The way I treat other people, and what I really believe.

I would like to be a christian, but I can’t look past some of the beliefs of typical christians, and how they want to enforce their beliefs on the world. From Abortion, to Gay marriage, to the belief of some that condoms, the pill, and other birth control, and std prevention measures should not be used. Just look at what the ex-pope had to say here.

I’m going to try and be a better person, without joining a church. Maybe I’ll go talk to a priest or something. Maybe they’ll be able to put these things in prospective for me. Maybe to join a church, you don’t have to subscribe to every single belief of it.

In other news, new years eve was okay. I didn’t do much, just shacked up with the rest of my skyy vodka, and gave myself some happiness.. I could have gone to the bar, but it was too cold to walk up town.. besides, alcohol is way too expensive up there.

that’s all the news i have for you, have a good day people.


One Response to “what’s happening”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    #1- If your not Catholic you can’t really talk to a priest.
    #2- Don’t convert.
    #3- Your probibly a chip off the old block.

    *if all else fails be a Pagan. Seriously, nobody cares. Fact is that your the same stupid religion that your parents are and if they don’t have one your a Pagan.

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