christmas-eve to today

December 27, 2005

So, on christmas eve me and dad went out to the mall to go shopping. Before we went out, the mom came home, and yelled at us for waiting until then to go out. Mainly because a bunch of stores were set to close in less than 1.5 hours. At the mall, we first bought a gift care at lane bryant for mom, then went over to kohles to buy a picture frame for a gift to the uncle. Then we went to FYE where we hoped to get a couple of those “Death Wish” movies on VHS for nana. However, FYE didn’t have any of the movies in stock for VHS, so we had to go for a few other movies.

Christmas day, I opened up my monitor, and got that setup. It’s way better than my old monitor. I’m happy with it. I also got a beard trimmer, some face wash, a $50 gift card for old navy, a pair of slippers that are too big, and i was accidentally given a pack of razors, because the gift giver had forgot that I was actually growing a beard.

After doing a bunch of stuff here at home, we went out to christmas it up with the mom’s side of the family. Initially, it was a pretty awkward trip. Grandpa had been kicked out of the hospital by the health care company, and forced onto a bed which sits in the family room. I avoided the family room a while, because the image of grandpa lying there, with his mouth wide open, unconscious just freaked me out.

After standing around a few other rooms, I walked in there, and sat down in the big leather chair. A few other people were there, just about everyone was worried about grandpa. Well, the afternoon went on, we all watched the pistons vs. spurs game, and were happy when the pistons won. Dinner was alright, had some ham, greenbean caserole, a roll, and some other stuff. The meal was pretty good.

After the game, and dinner, we all hung around and had a chat. grandpa didn’t move much, and still had the same haunting look on his face. he did move a couple times when the dog was running around, and barking. I don’t know what that was about.

About a half hour after the game had ended, we left, and fought traffic. My grandparents live a couple miles away from the palace, and traffic coming out of the palace was a nightmare. While out in traffic we laughed at some of hte novelty license plates people had.

About an hour later, we were past oxford, and heading out to the uncle’s house for christmas with dad’s side of the family. Upon showing up, we saw a car with a W’04 sticker. Dad made a few jokes, and suggested I key the car, mom just told him to shut up, and stop acting like an ass. After getting inside, we ventured to the basement. When we got there, i thought to myself “christmas in pergatory”. All kinds of people smoking, dancing toddlers, some music from the 80s being played on a record player, some familiar faces, and no places to sit. I stood around for a while, and the uncle wandered up to me where we had a chat. A bunch of people asked me what happend to my hair, because they hadn’t seen my hair since I shaved it a couple months ago. I told each of them that I shaved it, and suprisingly, there were no military jokes. One of the relatives of my uncle’s girlfriends mentioned me growing a beard, I confirmed her statements. Yep…

They gave us some gifts to open right away. I had told my uncle to get me either a dvd copy of the old tv show “clerks”, or a watch. I hadn’t had a great idea of what i wanted when I asked. So, i just named those two things. When i opened up my first gift, it was a pretty cheap looking watch. I hadn’t paid attention to the tag though. After that, i opened a smaller gift, which was a wallet, with $10 in it. Again, didn’t pay attention to the tag. After that, i just sat down, and was kind of disappointed in what i was given. About 20 minutes later, another gift was handed to me, and it was a much nicer looking watch, which actually came from my uncle. Aparently, i was given two watches. One from nana, and one from my uncle.

After chatting about this and that, and having the young (idiots / parents) leave with their little crumb crunchers, we all sat down to discuss some family business. Ever since my uncle wayne died in a top fuel dragster wreck, there has been a whole lot of trouble between wayne’s daughters: harmony, melody, and nicole, their mother tab, and the rest of the family. There’s been rumors of tab doing all kinds of terrible things, from pushing melody down the stairs at their home, to holding custody of harmony’s child above her head, to force harmony to take tab’s side in arguments with harmony’s two sisters, and the rest of the family. After a long talk, we realized that harmony giving birth was the clincher in these battles, and the only way we could take back the power, was if harmony gave up her child to an adoption agency. However, harmony is far too attached to her child for that to ever happen. So, it’s for that reason, that all of wayne’s property, from the house, to the property, was bound to end up in the hands of tab.

After that, we all went back home.

On the 26th, not a whole lot happend. We were all feeling good from christmas.

Today, we recieved a call from grandma. Grandpa has died. It’s great that he lived through christmas day, and survived last year’s sickness where most of the family was certain he was going to die. He has lived a long life, but it is unfortunant he had to die like this.

22 Responses to “christmas-eve to today”

  1. That’s always a tough time, Mikey.

    Good for you, not drinking. That wouldn’t have helped.

    The pain lessons with time. But, that don’t help much now.

    Just try to be there for mom.

  2. Odd Fact Says:

    My prayers for your family at this time Mikey.
    The passing of my grandfather was very hard.
    When the pain fades you are left the fragments and jewels of a sparkling life.

  3. robertgeller Says:

    I remember when my grandfather died in December, 2004. It was quite a shock, but as he was 93, it wasn’t all that unexpected. Still, it was quite saddening, and even moreso was observing my mom, who had then lost both of her parents. Then, as isn’t that uncommon, my mom and her sisters were blaming the nurses at the hospital for giving him “too much morphine,” which he didn’t want. He was an orthopedic surgeon in his earlier years, so I guess he was quite familiar with the clouding effects of morphine. Quite a rough time that was… just look forward to better times.

  4. Krista Antonini Says:

    That’s what old people do, they die. It’s nice that they sent him home.

  5. Krista Antonini Says:

    Wouldn’t that be something if some x-servicemen were hired in some way shape or form to invade the enemy site and get rid of the target weather the target was U.S. Military or not? Lets say that some German-American military spy guy lived with and infiltrated the “mob” and worked knowingly or unknowingly with the CIA and the FBI and local and international police forces and also “infiltrated” the KKK and other white supremist groups in an effort to cause the target to be illiminated, extrminated and sufficiently wiped off the face of the earth. What if this military person was willing to work via any means necessary with foreign governments in an active effort to eliminate the target.
    Good premis eh?

  6. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if the x-military guy was actively working with his family and in-laws in Foreign governments via foreign studies programs. And what if therer were not one, but two x-military working in conjunction with foreign governments through student exchange programs to eliminate their chosen target or targets.

  7. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if the two x-service men were working with one active serviceman which would make them the XXX elimination team, targeting the offending individual for complete and utter extermination.

  8. Krista Antonini Says:


  9. Krista Antonini Says:


  10. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if the x-serviceman held the target (or targets) at gun point in the targets own back yard.

  11. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if the x-military and their associates threatened to throw one of the targets into the garbage can because their genitic composition was not good enought or insufficient for their standards.

  12. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if today (2 day) + two days = unit #4

    What if two days = today
    as in “your a real pill and we want you out today”.

    What if the x-military lines up like a white supremist gun toting military/militia all over genetically different non-whites to the point that it exagerates a predominately genocidal point of view. What if the x-military lines up like a total firing squad, white on non-white, genetically “perfect” to genetically inferior.

    I wonder if self-defense would be required at that point.

  13. Krista Antonini Says:

    2+2=4 CONT.
    Firing squad as in social configuration.

  14. Krista Antonini Says:

    2 years since christmas at the top of the page, two days, today, two years.
    as in it must not be “yer-day”.

    FACT: 2+2+2=6

  15. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if the active military was “in” on the genocidal and/or targeted elimination of the targets (certain people) therefore any attempt to obtain an attorney would be impossible. And, since the active military or militia is in on the genocide/target elimination, any attempt to obtain police protection is futile.

  16. Krista Antonini Says:

    What if the white supremist military/militia ment “that’s a wrap” as in the end of the story and “that’s a wrap” as in you’re lunch or food and “that’s a wrap” as in cloak and dagger. And that’s why people actually rap.

  17. Krista Antonini Says:

    The lean of the characters:
    6 subsidiary characters:
    Character #1 and Character #2 – Lean left
    Character #3 and Character #4 – Lean right
    Character #5 – Leans right and Character #6 – leans left
    Character #5 and Character #6 both lean right and left respectively
    Character #1 – leans left
    Character #2 – leans slightly right of left
    Character #3 – leans right
    Character #4 – leans slightly left of right

    Characters 5 and 6 start a “hem and a haw”
    2 Characters “hem” and 2 Characters “haw”
    2 Characters fall in between but the Characters that fall in between are not partnered.
    Hence, the “hem and haw” has a lot of claw.

  18. Krista Antonini Says:

    In addition to the plot line development above, the Maritime district laws and sciences obviously added to the plot as such:
    1-Maritime District Universities of Scandinavia
    2-Social Universities
    a)Universities showing a social inclination
    b)Universities that hyroglyph
    3-Maritime Laws and legal pratices

  19. Krista Antonini Says:

    Main Characters
    Character #7 – Psychology Major / family member / University of Michigan
    Character #8 – Psychology Major / girlfriend / Michigan State University
    Character #9 – Sociology Major / family member / University of Michigan
    Secondary Characters
    Character #10 – Criminal attorney / University of Michigan
    Character #11 – Attorney / Gross Point Farms, Michigan
    Character #12 – Attorney / Detroit Michigan
    Character #13 – Attorney / Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Character #14 – Law Firm / St. Clair, Michigan
    Character #15 – Law Firm / Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Character #16 – Attorney / x-in-laws family member / Gross Point or Detroit location
    Character #17 – Attorney / Corporate / Michigan and California
    Third level Characters
    I. Standard Team Member set-up of Maritime and Social Psychology employees
    II. Insurance companys
    a) 2 family member employees
    b) standard insurance
    1- family members
    2- non-family members

  20. Krista Antonini Says:

    a) age
    b) type of pratice
    c) family member or non-family member
    d) association with a law firm or non-association with a law firm
    e) standard Maritime set-up or non-standard Maritime set-up
    f) association with insurance company or private insurance

  21. Krista Antonini Says:

    I. Police
    1- Military
    2- Non-Military
    II. Criminals
    1- Military
    2- Non-Military

  22. Krista Antonini Says:

    * no wonder Betty Ford was a drunkard.

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