the trick

December 25, 2005

the trick to drinking vodka is to not breath out your nose

only out your mouth

yeha, drinking skyy vodka tonight… me and dad bought it after shopping.

not sure why… i wonder if he’ll be mad when he finds out it’s all gone in the morning.

he knows i’m drinking it.. he’s sitting right next to me, passed out from tired.

there’s my story, merry christmas people.

i feel kinda guilty drinking on christmas eve… ohh well, that’s not a big deal… not like i’m drinking during christmas dinner.


One Response to “the trick”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    You should have seen some of the drunken slobs that would lush at my dad and step-moms bar all the time. I used to go to the bar to see shows but these peoples sole ambition in life is to get shit-faced plastered all day, every day with no break whatsoever. Some of those people were unreal.

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