broken headphones

December 24, 2005

The other day, I picked up my headphones, and i saw a small crack along the frame near the part which allows for the headphones to be adjusted. I was disappointed to see they were damaged, but I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal, and I would be able to continue using them. Later that night, I went to put my headphones back on, and all of the sudden the right ear broke off, only to be left hanging by the wire.

So, i blew off some steam, and put the headphones down on the desk. About 15 minutes later, I got my engineering skills together, and managed to re-construct the broken ear with the aid of some duct type. I now have to be very careful when putting them on and taking them off because they can’t open very wide without breaking.

I sent an email to the store begging for a replacement pair. I doubt they’ll go along with my plea. The box says they come with a limited 90 day warranty.

You’d think a pair of headphones this expensive would come with a better support policy. I paid what? $130 for these headphones.

The headphones are Technics RP-DH1200’s. I bought them at, we’ll see if they reply to my email.. probably some time after the new year. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a “yes, we will replace them” response.

That’s all for this entry.

One Response to “broken headphones”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Techniques is a good brand. I like headphones, wear them all the time. Wore them all through Clooege. I noticed that when I wear headphones I don’t have to listen or talk to anyone else which makes me very happy.

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