the best way to describe saturday night

December 19, 2005

[02:35] mikey: I got an ambush date last night.
[02:35] mikey: and I will hate my friend forever because of it.
[02:36] mikey: My friend showed up with this girl he and I know around 9:00pm
[02:36] mikey: So, we went out driving for a while, and then he got on the phone with this girl he and the other girl know
[02:37] mikey: So, he picks her up, and makes me get out of the car to meet her
[02:37] mikey: And right away, I could tell this girl was young.
[02:37] mikey: So, we all get in teh car, and go driving through oxford, and my desire to know this girl fades as fast as snow in a microwave.
[02:38] mikey: She’s just going on and on about all this crap that only her and her other up tight christian white girl friends care about
[02:38] mikey: While she’s going on and on, she mentions having a mysapce
[02:38] jenise: lol
[02:38] jenise: hahah
[02:38] mikey: She doesn’t drop her username or anything
[02:39] mikey: so, i just sit there and listen, and eventually we park somewhere to arrange a plan
[02:39] mikey: while we’re parked there, I ask her how old she is
[02:39] mikey: and she answers “old enough, why?”
[02:39] mikey: I say “i think you’re underage”
[02:39] mikey: she replies “I take offense to that”
[02:39] jenise: hahha
[02:39] mikey: then i say “i didn’t mean to sound insulting or anything, you just seem young”
[02:39] jenise: thats a nerdy thing
[02:40] mikey: so, we continue sitting there, and peter and his other girl basically force this girl on me
[02:40] mikey: I had no interest in even looking at this girl
[02:40] mikey: So, in the end I got forced to go see a midnight showing of that aeon flux movie
[02:41] mikey: I had to pay for her, because my friends are dicks, and wouldn’t let me off
[02:41] jenise: lolol
[02:41] mikey: The movie got out later, nothing happend, the movie was kind of interesting
[02:41] jenise: thats funny
[02:41] jenise: so no second date?
[02:41] mikey: But here’s the best part
[02:41] mikey: When i got home, I hunted down her myspace
[02:41] mikey: and it turns out the fuckin’ girl was 17!
[02:41] jenise: hahaha’


3 Responses to “the best way to describe saturday night”

  1. adb22791 Says:

    hahahahah. nice 😀

  2. Aussie Bob Says:

    //gets restraining order on mikey. ;^|

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    Aeon flux was supposed to be a good movie. Let me tell you a little something about jail bait. Once jail bait always jail bait and it does piss people off that nobody gives a shit.

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