talkin’ with the host

December 16, 2005

[03:43] mikey: i am hungry
[03:43] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): oh god
[03:44] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): I had 4 hot dogs and a poutine at a local place
[03:44] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): poutine = Fries with gravy and cheese kurds
[03:44] mikey: i had some tatter tots and chicken.
[03:44] mikey: i want your mom’s poutine.
[03:44] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): rofl
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): my mom doesnt do poutine
[03:45] mikey: she does when she drinks.
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): rofl
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): she’s never had a drink
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): except wine in occasions šŸ˜›
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): I’m the only drinker in the famitlly
[03:45] Jean-Pierre (BLINX.NETworks): ohhhhhh
[03:46] mikey: well that’s why they made roofies.


One Response to “talkin’ with the host”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Roofies…..ain’t that that big giant thing over-top the house?

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