Being good for christmas

December 10, 2005

So, for the past few weeks i’ve been nice around the people I interact with in reality. I paid for the mom’s a new cell phone earlier this week as a birthday present, that set me back $80, I’m supposed to take the family out to dinner on sunday night which should set me back about $30. I’ve bought part of the dad’s christmas – a tour de france dvd box set which set me back $40, I got another gift for the dad – a 128MB SD Card which set me back $15. I bought a $15 mug with a picture of a dog on it for the mom as a joke christmas present because she’s been joking about me buying a dog for her which will cost about $500.

I’ve still gotta buy some stuff for dad. I’m considering buying some studded tires for him so he can ride his bike in the snow. Those should cost about $50. For the mom, I’ve got my eye on a Cuisinart Griddler which should set me back about $150.

I bought my christmas gift; a 19″ Black Samsung 940b 8ms LCD Monitor. The parents are going to pay off part of it, but i’m going to have to pay a little bit because they can’t afford it.

Aside from that, I went outside at 3AM last night to shovel out the driveway because it had snown the day before, and it would take a lot of work from a newly woken up dad to shovel. So, i did the whole thing in about 50 minutes, and they were all happy I did it for them.

Now, i’m going to bed, see ya later people.


One Response to “Being good for christmas”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Watching the snow fall in the dark makes you feel like your in a Christmas card.

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