Insomniated Madness

December 5, 2005

Today has been a pretty blurry day. I don’t remember a big chunk of it, but here’s what i did.

Woke up at 2PM Sunday, and did my normal reutine.

Went to bed at 4am monday morning, but didn’t fall asleep. just stayed there, and listened to the radio for a while.

At 6, i got out of bed, went to the fridge to get some sandwich making materials, got out some turkey, and discovered these 2+ pounds of turkey we had bought from the deli a few weeks ago had actually expired in late november. So, i stealed up the package, threw it in the garbage, and took the garbage bag out to the garbage bin outside.

Then i came back here, watched last night’s episode of curb your enthusiasm, listened to some new music, and checked out some new music that had came out in the hours before that.

Then i started looking around the internet for some stuff, and talked with some people, and i don’t remember much of it because my mind is pretty much exhausted.

Some time in there, and i was starving. So, i opened up the cupboard, got a can of progresso soup out, it was steak, potatoe, and some other country vegetable things. Prepared with soup, it was alright.

Skip ahead a few hours, i was feeling unclean, so I jumped in the shower, and discovered I can now use regular soap on my head when my scalp doesn’t feel alright. I wonder if there will be any side-effects.

In the shower, i got an idea to walk up town to get some lunch. However, fear of the cold, and the uncertainty of weather i could ride a bike down the bike path without hitting some snow kept me from going back.

1:00pm, i was hungry, so i went into the cupboards searching for food, and I found a can of campbells chunky chicken noodle. Skip ahead a couple minutes, and a bunch of crackers later, i had my soup.

The soup filled me well. I didn’t want to drink milk, so I just drank water. It made me feel pretty poor, but that’s alright, i’m preventing weight gain.

I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourself “boy, mikey has an unhealthy fixation on his weight”. You’re right. But, i just can’t handle having to work off those 30+ pounds again in the spring, and summer time. So, I’ll just avoid unnecessary fats, and not have to deal with the regret.

Skip ahead a few hours, I don’t remember what i did. I did wonder if any of the local restaurants offer delivery services, but i’m going to avoid those issues for now.

This may sound crazy, but I think my parents are trying to get me to gain my weight back. For example, the last time we ordered from wendy’s, i wasn’t here. When i came home, they had ordered me a double cheese burger. I almost always go for a single, or a chicken sandwich. I asked them about it, and they told me that they did in fact order a double, so it wasn’t done on accident.

Then last weekend, They came home with arbys. What did they bring me? Two big chicken sandwiches, and fries! I usually just get a single roast beef sandwich, and curly fries. On top of that, the chicken was fried. I’m dead sure arby’s offers a grilled chicken sandwich. They didn’t mess up on the order either.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just imaging these things out of guilt because i haven’t been able to bike in many weeks now.


Well uhh, we had some.. subway for dinner. It was a normal meal, just a single sub, and some chips. I had a class of milk to drink. I would have fixed up some of this green tea i got, but i didn’t feel like using the microwave to heat up some water to dip the tea packet in.

I ended up having some tea a couple hours later. It’s alright stuff. I’m gonna start drinking it more often. I didn’t use any sweetener, somethign tells me it would taste better with sweetener. I’ll just deal without them for now, i’m still getting the health benefits of the tea.

Well, there’s tonight’s nonsense I think i’m gonna head to bed. See ya later people.


One Response to “Insomniated Madness”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Parents have a tendency to resort to junk food. It’s your muscle mass that matters. I used to teach aerobics years ago. 180 BPM’s which is a heart attack rate. The only person who could keep up was the long distance runner. Your heart is a muscle and keeping it in shape is a good idea especially if you run or bike. Your probably a bit gaunt. As long as you eat well you should have no problem. A well balanced Macrobiotic Diet is best. That is the food pyramid with high amounts of complex carbohydrates (grains, breads and cerials), high amounts of vegtables, small amounts of meats and fruit is desert.

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