i am tired.

December 2, 2005

Hey there,

Yeah, I’m still alive. For now at least. I’ve been very busy, and i haven’t had time to think about what i should write blog entires about, let alone time to write them.

So, What should i write about? How about today. Well, i fell asleep at 6am last night, and i had set my alarm for 10:00am so i would be able to ride my broken bike up to orion to the bank to get some money out. Naturally, I woke up at 10, but instead of getting out of bed, i just rolled back into bed, and stayed there for 4 and a half more hours. Then i got up, took a shower, and when i got out of the shower it started snowing. So, my bike plans were instantly cancelled because I can’t be cracking my head open after slipping, and falling on the road.

I really don’t like denis leary. I quit liking him ever since i heard the work of the late / great Bill Hicks. For more information, read this . Aside from that, I doubt somebody that rich could really be that angry.

I’ve gotta come up with a gift for the mom’s birthday that’s coming up on the 12th. She says she wants a cell phone, but she has to pick it out. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe i’ll order some kinda CD she’d enjoy.

My paypal account passed $1000 tonight, to celebrate i dropped $350 of it into my bank account for reality buying.

The oxford 7 theater isn’t playing “the ice harvest”. I wanted to see that.

I got my dvd copy of jay and silent bob do degrassi. It’s pretty funny, but not as funny as it could be. Not enough profanity, and I got the unrated version.

My hair is growing pretty fast. I’m thinkin’ about shaving it back down.

my deviantart hat came a few weeks ago, it’s not as big as i would have thought. I need a new head.

that’s all from me.


One Response to “i am tired.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Jay and Silent Bob are funny. What exactly did they mean by De-Grassy?

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