approaching family dealings.

November 23, 2005

The last time i met up with the mom’s side of the family was at my cousin’s college graduation party. It was at that party that i got onto my cousin jim’s computer after he asked me to fix things up. They then started feeding me beer after beer after beer. After that, they broke out the very hard stuff, and i got just drunk enough to hold conscious thought, but not sober enough to fix his computer.

If i remember correctly, i had installed a pirated copy of norton internet security on his computer, and his computer was having trouble booting into windows after that. Well, i was forced to walk away from the problem at hand, because i was drunk, and not able-minded enough to handle a task like that. I really should have rode my bike out to his house that’s on the other side of oxford, but i never made it out there.

I’ve lost some weight since our last meetup. Grandma still remembers me making a 34 mile trip to her house that day. I wonder how the family will address my weight loss.

I’ve also lost a head full of hair. They should find that funny, since i’ve always had more hair than this at our meetups.

On thursday we are all going to meetup at the grandmother’s house for thanksgiving dinner. The family will probably ask me all kinds of questions. I’m kinda known as the weirdo of that side of the family.

On the second half of thanksgiving, we’re making a trip from pontiac, all the way to davidson to my uncle’s house. There we will meetup with the bailey side of the family. Two family friends; ron and david won’t be making it out there like they usually do. They’ll probably be at the christmas meetup though.

I’m wondering how they’ll handle my new appearance. Some members of the family usually have a cheezey joke to throw around. I’m expecting a round of “mikey joined the military?” jokes.

This side of the family features my favorite relative; uncle luke. Luke is a very funny guy. Earlier this year, they took some parts of his throat, and.. I don’t know what it was exactly. It was some smoking complication. Well, his throat is now gone, and he’s forced to speak with a voice box. He’s called a few times, and he sounds like the godfather. He’s done some pretty funny impersonations. I haven’t met him in person since the surgury, so i don’t know what to expect.

Tomorrow, I’ve gotta do a bunch of laundry since i don’t have anything to wear. I have been wearing this winter hat for the past few days, because it’s so cold. I can take it off with ease, and it doesn’t mess up my hair. The parents are usually picky about the way i look, so i’ll probably just be wearing the hat during car trips.

It’s shaping up to be a pretty decent holiday. Hopefully no fist fights break out 😛


One Response to “approaching family dealings.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Your family sounds nice.

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