tonight’s accident

November 21, 2005

Around 5 i left home to ride my bike up to meijer so i could pick up some razor blades, and some deoderant. So, i rode my bike up there, got my stuff, and left.

I need to go get a haircut tomorrow, so i decided to take the long route home so i could pass by roosters to see what time they open.

At the time i left, it was dark. I made sure to be careful out on the roads.

Well, i passed by roosters and caught the time roosters opens (9am), then i continued on my usual route that took me from m24, and back to industrial.

Well, i cut through onto industrial, and jumped on a new bike path they’ve put up. The path takes me past the local beach, around a small section of woods, and down the road past a bunch of local businesses.

It was when i was rounding a corner around the woods that out of nowhere i ran over something which was metal. I was unsure of what i just hit, and while i was thinking i hit another one, and that one sent me flying off my bike, and to the ground. A car was on the road about 20 feet ahead, but he didn’t feel like stopping.

After getting up, i saw there was a construction sign just lying down on the bike path. Upon looking at it, I just started cussing about the stupidity of the construction people who put the sign down there.

After cussing for a few dozen seconds, I got back on my bike. I tried riding it for a little while, but it was broke. On every rotation i made with the peddels, it skips. I am unable to shift into a bunch of gears, and i doubt i’ll ever be able to ride this bike again.

Then later tonight, i looked down at my shin, and i have either a scrape, or a bruise. It hasn’t developed much. Later that night, my ribs started hurting.

Just because some construction workers were too lazy to move their god damn sign, my bike is now unridable, and i’m injured. Fucking idiots.


One Response to “tonight’s accident”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    I understand your frustration but always remember…..never argue with a guy who’s ass crack hangs out of the back of their pants.

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