WHT Stuff

November 20, 2005

So, There’s a guy named gen-t over at WHT.

A few months ago, gen-t got drunk and sent some menacing communications to another member named vito.

Gen-T has always had a grudge against a group of members who used to call themselves BMWADITRW. Vito seemed to be the leader of the group, although it hasn’t ever been announced.

Well, after gen-t sent those first messages (i’m not sure how they were sent), he lost his community guide status, as well as his forum account.

One of the community leaders didn’t like the decision, but others did, so he was banned.

Many months later, he was reinstated as a regular old member.

Then a few days ago, gen-t got drunk, and sent an outside-of-wht email out to vito. In this email, gen-t said he fucked vito’s daughter. You see, gen-t was looking for an easy insult, and although he was unaware of her personal information, he still went for the kick.

That insult backfired on him when all of us learned vito’s daughter is actually 11.

The next day, gen-t posted an apology thread, because he didn’t mean the things he said, and he was genuinly sorry.

Then the thread was tossed before i had the chance to read the whole thing

Then later that night, a thread was started by a miserable cunt named blue27 who went off on a tangent and said that WHT is supporting child molesters by allowing gen-t to post. That thread was removed, so blue started several more, and each of those were removed as they were posted. Eventually, one of his posts was edited with a link to the WHT helpdesk, and blue was suspended.

So, then blue got frustrated because nobody at wht could read his lies, so he ran over to a WHT rival forum called hosthideout, and posted this thread.

In that thread, I cut addressed him claims, and blue responded with some insults because he couldn’t provide a decent argument, which was amazing, because i was drunk while writing the first statement. So, i replied back and took a virtual axe to his knees.

So, now the community leaders are arguing amongst themselves about whether or not gen-t should be banned again. Being that he will still be able to send threatening email to vito, I don’t see the point. In addition to that, none of this happend on wht.


3 Responses to “WHT Stuff”

  1. Get back on teh bike.

  2. Aussie Bob Says:

    [Just because some construction workers were too lazy to move their god damn sign, my bike is now unridable, and iā€™m injured.]

    Sue sue sue sue!!!! šŸ˜€

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    These entries are from 2005….think I’ll junp ahead if you don’t mind.

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