This hippy is getting a haircut.

November 16, 2005

I’m getting sick of having to wash my hair so often. I currently do it twice per shower per day. I’m just not comfortable getting out after only washing it once.

So, I’m considering just getting my head shaved the next time i go out for a haircut.

You’re probably asking yourself “why doesn’t he just do it himself?”. Well, I tend to fuck up anything that requires hand-eye coordination, and my hair would probably be really uneven if i tried to do it myself.

So, if it stops raining this week, I’ll go take a little bike ride to this barbera shop down town called “roosters”, and just have them shave my head.

That roosters place. A guy once told me they serve beer there, and all the ‘hair dressers’ are hot. That’s not my motivation for going there, it’s just the closest place. I’m not a big fan of beer. Hopefully they serve rum đŸ™‚

Well, that’s all. See ya later.


One Response to “This hippy is getting a haircut.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Alright grow it back out if you shaved it Britney. The whole skin head look leaves something to be desired.

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