Myspace Gives us an Album.

November 14, 2005

Last night Tom sent me some spam advertising the new myspace record. Included in the message was a track listing featuring bands that would only appeal to teenagers. Here’s the full message:

MySpace is putting out a record – and if you buy it, you can get more photos for your myspace page 🙂

This is something I’m really excited about. It’s not something I’ve mentioned much on my profile, but before MySpace I was in bands for most of my life. That’s where I came up with the idea for MySpace Music and having bands on the site. For most of this year, I’ve been working on putting a record label together — MySpace Records — and the first release, a compilation CD, is finally here.

The first record is a rock record and I picked the songs. I’m thinking about doing a screamo/hardcore and a hip hop/rap one next.

1. AFI – Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37
2. New Years Day – Ready, Aim, Misfire
3. Socratic – Lunch For The Sky
4. The Click Five – Angel To You (Devil To Me)
5. Say Anything – Every Man Has A Molly
6. Fall Out Boy – Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (Acoustic)
7. Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down
8. Waking Ashland – I Am For You
9. Weezer – We Are All On Drugs
10. Hollywood Undead – No. 5
11. Against Me! – Don’t Lose Touch
12. Tila Tequila – Straight Up
13. The All-American Rejects – Stab My Back
14. The Summer Obsession – Melt The Sugar
15. Plain White T’s – Take Me Away
16. Copeland – Pin Your Wings
17. Jupiter Sunrise – Arthur Nix

For more info visit the MySpace Records Profile

Please show your support for MySpace and for these bands by visiting and adding the profile to your friends list!

I will write more about MySpace Records, what its about and where it’s going and where it came from soon. But I wanted to get the word out now, because the CD is in store everywhere in just a few more days!

Click here to visit the myspace records profile 🙂
Click here for my blog about it!

I’m not gonna include links because you wouldn’t care.

Well this afternoon i woke up to find the record had just been released:

<xxxxxxxxxxx> [MP3] VA-MySpace_Records_Vol_1-2005-RNS was released 2h 19m 58s ago. [ 118.0Mb in 17F ]

Based on the fact that tom had spammed me about it, I figured it would be fair trade to download it. Skip ahead 15 minutes, I have it.

Track One, “Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37” By AFI. A halfway decent song. Unfortunantly it followed the same trend as every other song produced by AFI; It carries absolutely no message. Ohh yeah, it sounds good. But there’s no real message. They just play their instruments so it sounds good, but the singer(s) just say a bunch of random phrases that carry no real meaning.

Track Two, “Ready, Aim, Misfire” by New Years Day. It was pretty much inevitable that they would throw a love song onto the record. This song does make sense, but it only caters to those idiot teenagers who believe they are in love any time they date somebody.

Track Three, “Lunch For The Sky” By Socratic. You can look at the name of the band and tell this song is going to suck. Socratic provides a pseudo-intellectual mix of love-laced lyrics, piano, and Grade A crap that only appeals to teenage attention whores.

Track Four, “Angel To You (Devil To Me)” By The Click Five . Ohh great, Another song where some pussy guy goes on and on about some girl who is presumebly known by everyone. This is what happens when boys are raised by single mothers. They are trained to pee sitting down, cry regularly, and simply subscribe to the pussy lifestyle.

Track Five, “Every Man Has A Molly” By Say Anything. Prior to this song, I actualy had a small shred of respect for Say Anything. Unfortunantly, this song just destroyed it. In this song, say anything bitches about some girl who broke up with the singer. Jesus christ people…

Six, “Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner” By Fall Out Boy. Just about every song this band has wrote is about a girl. I’m afraid I can’t listen to this band without having the urge to shove a pen through my hand.

Seven, “Hands Down” by Dashboard Confessional. More bitch-rock about women. I hate this generation.

Eight, “I am for you” By Walking Ashland. Is there such thing as originality these days? Yet another song about women. Fuckers!

Nine, “We are all on drugs” by weezer. Finally some decent music. Everyone’s heard this song, So i don’t think i’ll need to continue with the review of this song.

Ten, “No. 5” by Holywood Undead. A RapRock mix about drinking and fucking. This band managed to incoporporate AIM message-recieve and message-send sounds. For some reason, a bunch of dirty words were cut out of the song. I could have sworn hearing a C-Bomb be cut out. Halfway decent song though.

Eleven, “Don’t lose Touch” by Against Me! . Some good rock music. They could have picked out a better song though.

Twelve, “Straight Up” by The Tequila. This is what against me should sound like. Unfortunantly, the song is ruined by a yelling twelve year old, with bleeped out curse words. I think it’d be funnier if they didn’t bleep anything. Decent music though.

Thirteen, “Stab My Back” by the all american rejects. A deep slope back down into the realm of depressing bitch-rock. Way to ruin a record, assholes.

Fourteen, “melt the sugar” by the summer obsession. Yet another bitch-rock song. I hate you people.

Fifteen, “Take me away” by the plain white t’s. Moooooooooore music about women. I think it’s safe to verify the death of originality.

Sixteen, “Pin Your Wings” by copeland. Some song that would only appeal to women where the singer compares whoever’s listening to the song to an angel. You pussies.

Finally, the last song. “Arthur Nix” by Jupiter Sunrise. I guess this song is about a guy named arthur nix who broke his leg after hitting a car while riding his bike. Then some people come help him. Although it’s pretty pathetic, it is a breath air from the rest of those songs about women.

And that’s the cd. If you like music about women, get it. Otherwise, just steal it from the internet.


One Response to “Myspace Gives us an Album.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Cool. I like the review. Why is everyone on MySpace anyway. My friend MAtt loves Weezer, I’m not too fond of them myself. I’ve never seen or heard any of these bands. Maybe I’ll hear this stuff soon. That would be cool.

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