Newegg Troubles

November 12, 2005

Last sunday I ordered Beavis and Butt-Head – The Mike Judge Collection Volume 1 from newegg.

The item was listed as in-stock, and i was happy to be ordering it.

Then i waited around for a while, and checked back every day, but it was always listed as on step 3 – “Your credit/debit card has been successfully charged. Please note that you may no longer make changes to your order.”

Then on thursday it still hadn’t been shipped, So i called up newegg and spoke with a lady who verified all my info, and told me she would email the associated department and have it shipped as soon as she could.

Now it’s 3:12am saturday morning, and the order is still sitting on step 3. I’m hoping they’ll ship it out some time this weekend. If it’s still on step 3 come monday night, I’ll give them another call.

By the way, the record wasn’t listed for free shipping at the time i purchased it. I purchased it with the $3 UPS media mail option.


2 Responses to “Newegg Troubles”

  1. Aussie Bob Says:

    Ummmm, just a few points of clarification, just for clarification sakes. 🙂

    [On top of that, He doesn’t even own a dedicated server. He’s actually hosting on a VPS provided by ServInt.]

    He could be hosting his own site + billing + helpdesk on that VPS, while his client’s domains could be hosted on ded servers elsewhere. That’s a pretty standard setup with a lot of hosts, although I’d never host my own main site on a VPS, over a ded server. It’s good to keep the host’s main site + helpdesk + billing, in another location from your client server/s.

    [According to Webhosting.Info, Old Blue only hosts 10 Websites.]

    Most folks know (even you Mikey) that hosts often use other nameservers, especially if they’re offerring reseller plans, which Blue27 does. If you check httpme on, for the number of domains hosted, you’ll see that it says they host 8 domains, where infact httpme host more than 30,000 domains. So, the data displayed on the above link is not accurate. :^)

    Just thought I should post that. I know how much you like accuracy. 🙂

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    Chill out the fucking thing will show up and “yes” Beavis and Butthead are great. “Look…’s Don Cornholio….”

    These people that I know had porn magizines lying around their house when I was a kid, then, the lady says “I don’t like that Beavis and Butthead Show….”. “Yea”, get all moral now lady after all the porno mags are laying around the house for the five year old girls to find. Yea, there’s a “hem” and “haw” with a lot of ethical logic. Were not sure who looks stupider with their mouth open, the chicks in the porno mags or this lady. What a fucking ya-hoo.

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