Today’s Trip

November 5, 2005

Today was my second.. no, third day back out on the bike. Everything seemed to progress very quickly. I managed to get 10 miles in less than an hour on an empty stomach. The thing I hate about biking on friday nights is traffic is very busy, and I have to jaywalk at the same place twice.

There’s no way around it. I have to jaywalk. There is an intersection about 100 feet away, but the pedestrian traffic light doesn’t ever light up on that side.

Another thing I hate about these situations is polite drivers who feel like they need to stop and wave me ahead. This is usually appreciated, but when there is oncoming traffic coming from the other direction, it sends me into this paranoid state that the person who waved me ahead will be pissed off when I don’t just cross. Then I have to deal with the cars behind this person getting pissed off at me, thinking I am the one causing the holdup in traffic.

Maybe it’s just paranoia. Maybe everyone understands my plot, and I’m just over-reacting. I just wish people would excercise some empathy, and get out of the way so I can just cross the street with as little panic as possible. It’s not like i’m riding down the road in their car lanes like those other bikers.

Getting off topic for a second, have you guys listened to george clinton? I’m listening to his best of collection right now, and I think he’s just great. “A white man liking george clinton?” you say? Yeah.. I’ve been getting into the alternative music selections lately.

On another off topic note, I got my new video card today. It’s a geforce fx 5200. I fucked up, and overlooked the fx 5500 that costs $1 more. I tried contacting newegg after placing the order, but by the time they got to the email it was already shipped. Ohh well, at least i can play call of duty 2 now.

On yet another off topic note, I started talking with a girl from lake orion who i met on myspace. She is hot. She laughs a lot. That is all I have to say about that.

I guess i’ll just go with the flow, I still have half of a bottle of absolut apeach vodka sitting in my room. I should drink that some time soon.. Maybe i’ll go on a binge next weekend.

I’ve been getting more into boobs than ass. I’ve seen some fairly bad looking ass lately, and I’ve seen some awesome looking boobs. I guess i’ll re-evaluate my stance after i finish downloading this week’s update on 🙂

And that’s all.

One Response to “Today’s Trip”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    When I got ran over by an SUV I got Gang Green.

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