things bothering me.

November 3, 2005

I haven’t voiced my opinion at these things, but they’re been silently eating at my insides for a while.

1) The professional blogging movement bothers the hell out of me. Blogging should be a personal thing. If you own a little company, it seems reasonable to post about updates from around the office. Aside from that, I hate seeing big people from microsoft and google blog. The google blog is updated way too frequently with crap that nobody cares about. I’m sorry google, please don’t drop me back down to PR4, but it’s just boring.

2) The people who think website markup is a spiritual thing. It’s not.. It’s really not. While websites like that CSS Zen Garden are cool, I hate the comparison of spirituality, and code. Just shut up, continue coding in a valid manner, but stop comparing your code to lifestyles, the afterlife, etc.

3) Blue27… Anyone whose read his posts on wht knows what i’m talking about. That guy needs a fucking lobotomy. I may write a post about him like i did david a few weeks ago, I’ll start looking at german porn to try and get some inspiration.

That’s what i think. Have a nice day people.


One Response to “things bothering me.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Zen means 10.

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