Owen Winkler is a busy man.

October 25, 2005



2 Responses to “Owen Winkler is a busy man.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Owen Winkler is a busy man. He dredges to work every morning briefcase in hand and mess batches of loose leaf papers nearly hanging out of his case. Onto the AM commuter train he goes with his heavyly weighted rain soaked over coat and soppy waterlogged shoes surrounding his overstuffed briefcase as he holds onto the hand rails inside the shiffly tin train, jerking down the tracks in a stop motion as people smash and shuffel their way around and through the isles (SP) and doors of the oblong vehicle. Owen Winkler has more stuff to do than most as his boss is constantly on vacation and his pay rate is that of a slave. He reaches into his pocket for a cigarette and jerks it into his mouth half bending the cigarette down into a twig like shape as he crushes against the people in front of him on the commuter train. Owen figures that he will light the cigarette when he gets out of the train and onto the platform outside of the tracks. They allow smoking on the platform which Owen is thankful for since there is no other place that he knows of where he can light a cigarette and smoke during his overwhelming day. It is 6:05am and the train pulls up to the platform with a yank as Owen shifts to keep himself intacked for his exit and subsequent smoking binge. He exits the train with his breifcase tucked hard under his left arm and a lighter ready to ignight the cigarette that is smashed and dangeling from his lips. Standing on the platform as the trains’ people switch gears, Owen lights his cigarette and inhales the smooth and heavy tobacco smoke. ‘If I could only get paid for smoking’, he thought to himself as he watched his fellow am workers and various women with the occasional child rustle past himself as billows of smoke barreled from his lips and mouth into the warm morning air. Owen Winkler was a busy man.

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