California Uber Alice

October 12, 2005

Today i woke up after another person called here asking if we need a plumber. So, i jumped int he shower, got dressed, and hopped on the bike to ride out to the storage facility where our number is supposedly posted.

By the time i got there, it was 5:30pm, and the place was closed.

So, i rode around the area for a while just so i could get my 10 miles on that trip.

The trip there took me from my house, down m24, up a very large hill, all the way down that road to hit ray road. Then i took ray road to m24 where i road for a few miles until i reached the storage facility which is just past stoney beach.

Later that day i had a chat with a girl named stephanie who i once met while her boyfriend (my friend chris) was out of town. She talked to me about missing oxford, and doing collegey stuff. She told me some stuff that she learned in school, and it was all interesting.

During the day, i downloaded a dvdrip of the amityville horror, and watched it. That movie is extremely scary.

Last night i downloaded a dvd screener release of “a history of violence”. That movie is very interesting, and all of you should see it. I’ll probably go to the theater to see it when it’s out here. However, The theater website isn’t currently listing it. They have a history of not playing good movies when they come out. Back when farenheit 911 came out, they didn’t play it until it had been out for like 6 weeks. Fucking conservatives.

That’s the show, everybody! Have a nice day.


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  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    already corrected

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