The closest I ever came to Dying.

October 11, 2005

During my time in vocational school, i would ride along with 2 girls and another guy back and forth between oxford, and the school which was located in pontiac. The car belonged to a girl named gillian, her friend megan tagged along, and so did my friend dan.

The place had 2 enterances. One of them doubled as an enterance and an exit, the other was usually closed, but was primarily used as an exit. The first one took us east, the other took us west. We needed to head east, so we always took the primary enterance.

The first enterance was built on a hill. This enterance was used for busses, because many people from high schools in the area also went to the school. So, pretty much everyone was headed in this direction. The enterance itself was poorly thought out, because it brought on many dangers. The dangers encountered in this situation are 1) The idea that you must rush, because we all had somewhere to be after school. 2) Obstruction from all kinds of things. Busses, Other cars, Any possible vehicles in that particular area.

On this day, It was sunny. The weather was just about perfect. We had all had a good day in class. We headed on our usual route, but at the very top of the enterance, there was an enormous electric company truck who were doing maintenance on a light pole. The truck was at the other side of the enterance, just parked on the curb of the road, blocking the view of all oncoming traffic.

Well, when we got to the top of the hill, we couldn’t see anything. After about 20 seconds of waiting, people behind us started honking. We decided we wouldn’t ever be able to see past the electric company truck, so we decided we would just go for it, and hopefully not die.

So, we pulled out, and and as we pass through the middle of the lane, we hear this honking. We all simultaniously looked over, to see this huge fucking garbage truck just screaming towards us. The truck couldn’t be any more than 10 feet from hitting us at that moment. At that moment, we just scream, and gillian who is driving just slammed on the gas as hard as she could.

Before we had the chance to bust through the lawn of the autozone that was across the street, she just pulled this hard hard turn, and thankfully, we were able to make it through.

The whole way back, none of us said a word. I was so scared, i was shaking. I was actually sitting in the back seat, on the side that would be first to feel the wrath of the truck.

I’ll never forget that moment. We did continue to drive to the school, We were just much more careful when entering, and exiting the school.


One Response to “The closest I ever came to Dying.”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    oxyford and
    along and
    east so

    busses because
    also went to this school.
    out because
    1) the…..rush because
    things, busses, other cars, any

    day, it
    route but
    electric company truck that was doing
    so we would just go for it and hopefully not die.

    we pulled out and as
    lane we
    over to see
    scream and

    turn and

    scared, i / or scared i – without the comma the scared combines with the shaking which is nice and intense.
    seat on

    I’ll never forget that moment. END


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