and then there was an update

October 5, 2005

In case i didn’t tell you earlier, my rear tire/tube got replaced on monday.

Also on monday, i got my money order from matt.

On tuesday i rode my bike down to orion to get the money order cashified.

Today i didn’t sleep. When i was ready, i washed a load of clothing, and washed myself.

Then i called 2 bike shops – Paint creek bicycle in orion which belongs to my dad’s friend keith; and Main street Bicycle in oxford which belongs to some other guys who my dad talks to ocassionally. Paint creek said it would cost $20 to get the wheel trued. Main street said it would cost $10 to get the wheel trued.

So, i hung around here for a while.

Then i got on the bike, and rode for a while until i was in town.

At the bike shop, i just gave them the bike and let them know that my left brake pad wasn’t touching the wheel when i braked. They noted that, and said it would be a little while until it was fixed. I told them that i needed to catch some lunch, and that i would leave.

So, i walked down the plaza to ken’s coney island which reminded – sit in restaurants are great because the waitresses always have big asses. You should know this already, but i have to tell you that i have a thing for girls with big asses.

So, i had my hamburger, fries, and water, and it was all good, and it only costs me five stinking dollars.

Then i went back to the bike shop and got my bike and paid them $10.

Then on the way back i tried applying pressure to my rear break, but the pressure valve or whatever that thing is called won’t hardly move.

So, i’ll have dad look at that whenever he gets home.

Then i got back home, and before i pulled into our driveway justin curtis yelled at me from his car, i rode up to his bike, and we talked for a while about the people we knew growing up, and that was all fun.

Then i came back here, and typed this.

I’ve got alot more riding to do later tonight. I don’t know how i’m gonna do that since i’m so tired. I think i got like 4 miles on the trip there and back. So yeah, more work to do – ya<passes out>

One Response to “and then there was an update”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    You guys need to mix it up more in my opinion. Vear away from the Weight loss catagory.

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