And then there was that other day…

October 1, 2005


Today was an interesting day. I didn’t sleep last night, and hooked up my dsl really quick. But when i went to set it all up, it wasn’t accepting the connection. Why? because my dsl hadn’t been activated yet.

So, i went to bed, and assumed it would work when i woke up.

Then i woke up, and it wasn’t working. So, i called up SBC and they said it hadn’t been activated yet. I said koay, and waited around for a while.

Then while looking at the setup, i realized i hadn’t plugged my phone line into the modem, i had actually plugged the phone into the wall.

After laughing alot, i plugged it in, and it works.

Then i did a bunch of stuff on here, and went out on the bike around 6:00pm.

On the bike, i rode from my house, through oxford lakes, through town, back and took the same way back home. I decided to ride a part of oxford lakes i hadn’t rode since i was a little kid, and that turned out to be a bad idea. It was on that road that my rear tire got punctured, and i lost all air.

So, i walked all the way back home. Thankfully, i was only about 20 minutes walking distance from home.

Getting home, i was 1 mile short of 10 miles, and I’ve gotta figure out what i’m gonna do to get my bike repaired.

In addition to the wheel being flat, it also needs to be trued. My left rear break pad isn’t touching the wheel at all when i go to stop. Maybe the dad’s team sponsor / bike shop can help me out.

I’ve downloaded alot of porn and music tonight. I also bought a 1 month subscription at . I’m pretty happy with it so far.

That’s all for today, see you later.


One Response to “And then there was that other day…”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Is this some kind of clever way of telling me to “take a hike”? You sure have a lot of biking going on, seriously, what the hell do you do for a living?

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