This website has grown.

September 30, 2005

When i joined up here, there was something like 1600 hosted blogs. Now, there’s 3121 .

How do i know? An HTTP header is passed with every page load with the identifier “X-totalblogs”, and with that identifier is the number 3121.

Also with that header is the indication that this server is running php 4.3.11. Matt and friends should know that this version is out of date, and the latest 4.x build is actually 4.4.0.

I think there’s some kinda XMLRPC vuln in php 4.3.11.. I don’t remember. They should probably update that though.

Anyway, This website has gotten almost twice as large as it was when i joined. Not that i’ve been here for a while, i think it’s been about a week… something in that area.

The bad thing about website growth is that whenever a website grows, it becomes saturated with idiots, and as we all know – there are alot of idiots on the mainstream free blogging sites. Just look at the list of recently updated blogs, You’d think those people have a dependency to include at least 18 misspellings per statement they make.

Eventually, You’re going to see so many dumbfucks on the list of recently updated blogs that you’re just going to start hating .

Sure, we’ll still have the top posts section. But it’s gonna be hard to find those posts that are worthy of the top posts section. We’ll just have to start relying on the people who have been posting the good stuff since these early days.

Perhaps there should be some kinda ratings system. That would work well. The website maintainers could even expand the “recent posts” lists to put it on it’s own page with 100 or so recent entries. We could even have a seperate section with the top 100 rated blogs.

There’s pleanty of room for growth. Hopefully this thing doesn’t lose it’s integrity.


2 Responses to “This website has grown.”

  1. Donncha Says:

    Until we introduce a friends feature so you can track your favourite blogs and tags.. 🙂

  2. Krista Antonini Says:

    I told you, you are my spam. Your Block is going Sideways and if I cannot write sideways it doesn’t work. Because Till is a shit head.

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