Being Fat in America

September 30, 2005

I’ve been at this weight loss thing for about 5 weeks now, and it’s now that i realize society has made many of us obese.

Yeah, It’s partly our faults too. But for many people, the media makes it worse. Whether it be Star Jones showing us that fat fucking whales can be strippers too, or burger king advertising some sandwich that has entirely too much meat. Who the hell needs sausage topped with bacon topped with ham? Does that even taste good?

And yeah, there’s the atkins diet people who think if you eat nothing but meat the pounds are just gonna fall off without a hitch. Real diets aren’t based on extremes. You’re not supposed to eat nothing but meat, the same way you’re not supposed to eat nothing but lettuce. You just need to balance your diet. Eating in an extremes is what got most of us here.

Getting back to people like star jones. I don’t believe being fat or obese should be celebrated, or portrayed in a positive light. While i don’t believe it’s okay to insult every fat person you meet, it’s almost as worse to compliment them on anything in regards to being fat. If you were on the verge of quitting excercise because you weren’t progressing as fast as you hoped, and you turned on the tv to see somebody like star jones saying it’s okay to be fat. What direction do you think you would head in? I’m betting you would quit.

Society needs to recognize that being overweight is never a good thing. How about instead of preaching acceptance of fat people, you preach diet and excercise?

Many healthy people disagree, but i believe many people are addicted to unhealthy foods. The same way some people are addicted to cigarettes, or some people are addicted to heroin. Many of us simply can’t stand to stop eating unhealthy foods. Then when you turn on the TV and see burger king advertising their midnight meat fuck fest, do you think someone with this kind of addiction can handle just ignoring that kind of advertisement? Noooooooooooo way! They’re gonna wake up at 5:50AM (10 minutes before burger king opens) speed down the street to burger king, and order 10 of those sandwiches.

Remember when networks starting banning ads for hard liquor? I think they should enforce the same policy on fast food restaurants. If people want to know what they’re serving at any of their favorite fast food restaurants, they should simply go to the restaurant to look at the menu. The liquor companies didn’t have much trouble selling their booze when they stopped advertising, it shouldn’t cause any harm for fast food joints either.

Obesity is a serious problem in this country. I’ll bet if this many people became alcoholics, alot more people would demand change.


4 Responses to “Being Fat in America”

  1. Curve Says:

    I agree. I also though think it needs to stop being such an obsession. I’m so sick of hearing both “Everyone needs to be skinny like this!” or “Everyone needs to accept their fatness!” Let’s all just try to be healthy.

    Like I should talk after the lunch I just had.

  2. mikey Says:

    They don’t need to be thin. They just should be.

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    Redneck on top and “yes” I’m thin.

  4. Jeff Says:

    I would like to think that people exhibit at least a modicum of ability to think for themselves. Whilst the purpose of any advertising is to convince people to purchase a product whether they need it or not – and that begs the question of need, etc – it is ultimately each individual’s decision and resposnibility to choose. Banning commercials is silly at best and dangerous at worst.

    I’ve been reading quite a few blogs, articles, and other media about the “fat epidemic”. Frankly it’s a bit disturbing. I’ve often run across your typical attitudes toward “fat people” claiming that they’re lazy, gluttons, etc. Many times it’s simply an esthetic desire by “non” fat people like the comment above, “they don’t need to be. they should be” thin. Why, pray tell? Because you don’t like looking at them? Perhaps some might feel the same about you because you’re tall, black, Asian, etc… Because they’re unhealthy? Many thin people are as unhealthy or more so than a given “fat person”. While I’m neither condemning nor condoning excess weight, it’s frankly no one’s business but the person concerned. In a country (the US) where every one pays for his or her own health insurance if they can afford it all, you cannot claim that overweight people are, no pun intended putting an undue “strain” on the country. So educate people about good health, provide them with resources, and accept them if you can and if you can’t, they didn’t ask for your opinion either. And remember this, if you have a hard time dealing with people because they’re not appealing to you due to weight, they’re are also plenty of people to whom you don’t appeal, for whatever reason. Nuf said.

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