Today’s Biking

September 29, 2005

Today, i rode from my house, down lakeville road, through oxford lakes, past the limits of oxford, and all the way into downtown orion. I had to take a different route because it rained last night, and the trail was all fucked up as a result of it.

It was pretty chilly outside, i took the dad’s gloves because i knew my hands would be in some serious pain if i didn’t have something covering my hands.

I did have to stop once as a result of back pains. That wasn’t too bad.

Total trip was about 11.4 miles. I wasn’t paying attention to my average speed. I think my max speed was about 22Mph.


One Response to “Today’s Biking”

  1. Krista Antonini Says:

    Leave it all small cased and it would look good. Loose the comma-and [,and].

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