DSL Status

September 29, 2005

DSL will get installed friday. The equipment came today, but the kit they sent us says we can’t install it until the software is installed, and we can’t install the software until the connection is activated, all of that will be happening friday.

Aside from that, the 14 feet of cat5 cable they gave us won’t reach from the main phone jack in the kitchen, to the modem that’ll be sitting here at the computer. So, i’m gonna have to go up to the local computer shop tomorrow to pick up 25 feet of cat5 cable for $12. Then I’ll be able to get a connection from the phone jack way over there >>> to the modem which will be sitting on my desk over there ^^^ . The other cable they gave us to connect the modem to my ethernet port will reach far enough. Woo hoo.

Yeah Heah!


4 Responses to “DSL Status”

  1. craig Says:

    God, I’m so addicted to my DSL now, I’m sure i’d have withdrawel symptoms if I ever have to go back to dialup again. šŸ™‚

    I have wireless. No cables is awesome.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Were you on dialup before?! šŸ˜®

  3. Krista Antonini Says:

    Ask Till.
    proceede in German.

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